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Closed July 4th

A reminder that our offices will be closed on Friday 7/4 in observance of Independence Day. We wish you and your family a wonderful 4th of July!
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Got Grass Pollen Allergy?

The three most allergenic grasses in Jacksonville and North Florida are: Bahia, Bermuda and Johnson grass. Most folks have heard of the first two, but what the heck is Johnson grass???

According the the University of Florida, it is an invasive grass introduced from the Mediterranean. It tends to grow in clumps and can reach 8 feet in height! And’s very allergenic. Here’s a picture of Johnson grass below—more information an be found at

You’ll most likely spot Johnson grass growing as tall clumping grass along the edge of wooded areas and in fields. See if you can spot any Johnson on your next morning commute.


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Florida’s Gold Snow

Every year at this time our streets, patios, and cars get blanketed by Florida’s gold snow (aka pine pollen). But have you ever wondered what those tiny granules actually look like under the microscope? Turns out pine pollen looks astonishingly similar to our unofficial state mascot! Scroll down for a microscopic peak:





The “ears” are actually tiny air bladders that help pine pollen travel in the wind. Illustration from:




Recognize this?







Can you guess what this picture is?….nope it’s not a starry night.  If you said settled pine pollen, you’re right!

We’ve all seen this yellow snow settled on our patios, streets and cars lately. The good news is that if you have allergies to tree pollen, there’s a very good chance that this is one pollen you won’t have to worry about!  Although pine pollen is the most visible one in Jacksonville and northeast Florida, it’s actually non-allergenic for most people. Many of our patients associate their spring-time allergies with this pollen, but in fact it’s simply too big and heavy to be a problem for most people. So if  spring-time spells a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and repetitive sneezing for you when outdoors, just remember to blame it on one of the another tree pollens like oak, elm, cedar, maple, birch, etc… Also remember to keep your windows shut in the home and car.  If your allergies are uncontrolled, don’t let them steal away valuable time enjoying this beautiful season– call us for an appointment at (904) 730-4870.

Holiday Office Hours

Christmas angel ornament  Warmest of Christmas and New Year’s wishes from our office family to you and yours!
Christmas and New Year’s Office Hours:
*Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve–OPEN until 3pm
*Christmas Day and New Year’s Day–CLOSED