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Adult Vaccines Protect Children

As adults and parents, we know the importance of  childhood vaccinations.  However, the majority of American adults are not up to date with the vaccinations of adulthood (influenza, diphtheria, whooping cough, etc…).  With cold and flu season approaching, this timely article explains how remaining current with adult vaccinations can protect our young children and elderly family members from harmful infections: Adult Vaccines Protect Children

Primatene Mist to Be Pulled from Market

For over fifty years, Primatene Mist has been sold for asthma relief. Production of the (over-the-counter) inhaler is being discontinued because it uses chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to propel the medicine from the inhaler. CFCs are known to deplete the ozone and items emitting CFC’s are being methodically phased out due to their potential environmental impact. Primatene mist will not be available after December 31st, 2011.  If you are an asthmatic who depends on Primatene Mist to treat your asthma symptoms, we encourage you to discuss appropriate alternatives with your primary care provider or asthma specialist.



JACKSONVILLE FIRE & SMOKE ASTHMA ADVISORY! (and surrounding areas) 6/1/11

If you live in or around Jacksonville, you have probably smelled smoke from the neighboring forest fires today.  It is important to be mindful that smoke of any kind is an extremely powerful respiratory irritant. This is especially true for asthmatics. Unlike other forms of smoke that can be avoided, wildfire smoke can be nearly impossible to elude.  Smoke from wildfires may also contain tiny particles that can further irritate the airways and cause an asthma attack.  If you smell smoke, try to limit your time outdoors and remember to keep your home and car windows shut.

There is a very nice resource by the American Lung Society which offers useful tips for asthmatics living in the vicinity of active forest fires. If you or your child has asthma, we would strongly encourage you to visit the American Lung Society’s link below.

Forest Fires and Respiratory Health Fact Sheet (American Lung Society)

More Hospitals to Serve You!

In addition to serving the allergy and asthma needs of  our patients at Baptist Medical Center Downtown, Baptist Hospital South, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Orange Park Medical Center and Memorial Hospital, we  are proud to announce our newest hospital affiliation with St. Vincent’s Medical Center in downtown Jacksonville.  Credentialing with St. Vincent’s allows us to provide seamless continuity of care in the event you require inpatient treatment at the Medical Center.

For more information about St. Vincent’s Medical center go to: