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Yellow Cars? Hay-fever season is here again

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by Thomas Lupoli, D.O.

Those with darkly colored automobiles may have noticed a familiar yellow hue to their vehicles last week . That yellow dust is actually pine pollen signaling that Jacksonville area trees are very busy pollinating.  As a result, many people across north Florida are experiencing nasal congestion, repetitive sneezing, itchy/watery eyes and nasal drainage–which may be signs of allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis (commonly known as hayfever).

Florida is unique because of its consistently long pollen seasons, which means virtual year-round nasal and allergic eye symptoms for those suffering with pollen allergies.  Florida’s tree pollen season typically begins in February and continues through the spring.  Unfortunately, just as the air is being cleared of tree pollen in mid-spring, grasses begin releasing their pollen. Grass pollen season is then followed by weed pollen season in the the summer and fall.

With the weather warming up, it is quite tempting to open the windows this time of year.  But it’s very important for those with seasonal allergies and asthma to keep their house and car windows shut to avoid unnecessary exposure to airborne pollens.  In addition to causing allergic symptoms in the nose and eyes, pollen can be a potent trigger for asthma in allergic individuals.