7 Ways To Save Money on Allergy and Asthma Medications

Many of our patients have moderate to severe asthma and allergy symptoms. Managing these symptoms often requires medication, which can be expensive, but for the most severe symptoms, simply going without medication is not an option. In addition to shopping around for the best prices, here are a few ways you can save money on asthma and allergy drugs.

Check Online Pharmacies

A reputable online pharmacy can save you a lot of cash. By shipping medications directly to you, they cut out the middleman and they will often ship medication in multi-month supplies.

If you are concerned about potential scams or fake medications, always go with reputable and well-known online pharmacies or the big-name pharmacy branches. Whatever you do, make sure the pharmacy you choose is licensed in the United States where they have to meet certain FDA standards. Also, avoid any service that doesn’t require a prescription.

Still not sure about online pharmacies? Go with a discount pharmacy

The cheapest prescription drug prices around can be found at the so-called big box stores and warehouse pharmacies. Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club (same company), along with BJ’s, Costco, Target and even Publix often have the lowest prices on medication and will match competitors’ prices.

Unfortunately, those savings don’t apply to the name-brand drug stores such as CVS and Walgreen’s. In most instances, those stores are much more expensive than their grocery store pharmacy counterpart.

Opt for generic whenever possible

Many people don’t realize that they can get their medication in generic form. Generics are bioidentical to their name brand version but may have fewer ingredients (such as inactive ingredients that don’t have an affect on your symptoms). You can save more than 50 percent with generic medications versus their name-brand versions.

Not all doctors will prescribe the generic – not because they want you to spend more of your money, but because patients become familiar with the name brand medication and think the generic isn’t as beneficial. Always ask your doctor if you can have a generic if it’s available.

Ask if your allergy specialist has samples available

Some people are really uncomfortable with asking for samples. Don’t be. Your allergist probably has samples available that are meant to be given out if you are starting on the medication for the first time. If you are being prescribed a new medication, ask if there are any samples he or she can offer you.

Be a Google coupon search master

Coupon and discount websites are very popular. Go online and search for coupons for medications. It’s more likely that you’ll find offers and deals for over-the-counter meds, but sometimes you will also find deals for your prescription medications. Simply go to and do a search for “medication” + “coupons” or “medication” + “deals” (replace “medication” with the name of the medicine you’re searching for).

In addition to searching for coupon deals, you can also go directly to the manufacturer’s websites and look for rebates and coupons there.

Look into Patient Assistance Programs

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes have programs that help them provide their drugs at discounts for people in need. If the prescription you need is expensive, check the company web site to see if they have an assistance program. You can also check out for information on thousands of programs for those in need.

Ask your allergist about immunotherapy

No one likes needles, but sometimes immunotherapy (allergy shots) offer the best protection against allergy symptoms. For some patients, immunotherapy helps reduce their reactions to allergens to the point they are almost non-existent. This will save you money on medications over your lifetime.

Trying to save money on allergy and asthma relief doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Asking the right questions of your doctor and doing a little bit of research can help you keep your symptoms under control and keep money in your pocket.

What tips and tricks do you have for saving money on medicine? If you have any share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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